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Sleeping well in a campsite: it is much easier with the right sleeping bag

Posted by Anh Trong on

Those who have been camping at least once in their life are well aware that the concept of a bed is slightly different from what they are used to at home. From the most extreme situation of free-camping to the most comfortable glamping, each type of experience requires specific equipment. The first piece of equipment is the sleeping bag, of which there are enough different types to suit every need.

How to choose the most suitable sleeping bag

First of all, it is good to clarify that the sleeping bag alone does not heat you up, but it keeps your body at an optimal temperature based on that of the surrounding environment.
Precisely for this reason, according to the shape, the material and the padding, each sleeping bag is associated with a minimum and maximum temperature within which it guarantees its function. If it's too cold outside, a summer sleeping bag runs the risk of making your teeth chatter all night; on the other hand, in the summer a winter sleeping bag will make you wake up in a pool of sweat!
To avoid these inconveniences, think carefully about the context in which you will use the product and check its thermal value. On the label you will find four indicators:

Maximum temperature > the one in which you can sleep without sweating excessively; Comfort temperature > the optimal temperature for a guaranteed rest;Temperature Limit > the one that indicates the limit within which you will not feel too hot or too cold; Extreme Temperature > i.e. the one in which feeling cold and the risk of hypothermia become more likely.

What is the best padding?

The most traditional and frequently used padding is feather, especially because of the size, weight and compression factor.
Both the finest feather sleeping bags and those including the addition of down are, however, most suitable for use in dry places. Sleeping bags made of synthetic fibre, on the other hand, are more versatile and able to adapt to any situation, but due to them being less compressible, they take up more space and thus are not recommended for those who must carry everything on their backs.

Two models of sleeping bag: summer and winter

The mummy sleeping bag adheres more to the body, becoming narrower towards the bottom so as not to disperse heat and it is the most recommended for winter camping in cold and sub-zero climates. Every detail - from the seam to the zip and including the closure systems at the end - is designed to insulate the whole body from the outside, including the head.The blanket or square sleeping bag is the most comfortable model: it has more legroom and can be opened more easily. If you feel too hot, you can open the entire closing system and let some air in.

Alternatively, here is a sleeping bag for two

For the more romantic who want to share everything and not be separated even for a night, there is also a double sleeping bag, similar to the square but with space for two. In this way you can fall asleep pleasantly as a couple ... even when you are camping!